donderdag 17 maart 2011

Glitter Gal - Green

both made with artificial light

Polish brand : Glitter gal , Green
What kind of polish : it’s a green holographic nail polish
How many layers : 3
Covers : not so good, needs a lot layers for the best result!
Lacquered : very fine, love the brush!!
Nail art : swatch
                                                      Must have : Yes!!!!!!!                                                        
My opinion : if you like holo polishes you have the buy some from Glitter gal, I really love this brand, and I love the holo!! That is also on your nails with only day light!!
 made with daylight

What do you think about this?? Do you have nail polishes from Glitter gal??

Thanks  for watching!!  Love Renate 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw geweldig! Ik heb geen lakjes van Glitter gal helaas.

  2. Wow!!! I so want this one!
    And others as well, hihi! ;)