woensdag 16 maart 2011

SdP imageplate no. B19

both are made with daylight

Polish brand : base is China glaze Grape pop and I’ve stamped with Konad lilac
What kind of polish : Cg is a purple cream polish and Konad is a polish special for stamping
How many layers : 1
Covers : very good
Lacquered : very fine!
Nail art : A imageplate from Shirley SdP-B19
Must have : Yes!! This imageplate is Gorgeous!! I love it!!       
My opinion : I love imageplates for your whole nail, the imageplates from Shirley have bigger pictures and they are very beautiful!
both are made with artificial light

What do you think about this?? Do you have imageplates from SdP??

Thanks  for watching!!  Love Renate 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice image!! And love the color combination!

  2. great colors, great design... i love it :-D

  3. Woow nice. I love the design. Grape pop is a nice color. I love the combination!

  4. Lovely nail-art!
    I love the combination 2!
    And I'm really love purple colors :-)