zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Crackle glaze Broken Hearted

both are made with daylight

Polish brand : China glaze Crackle glaze Broken hearted (base is Color club Secret agent)
What kind of polish : pink polish that crack when you put it on another nail polish
How many layers : 1
Covers : covers on a soft polish, when you do it on a darker polish you can see the polish through it
Lacquered : practice, practice,practice
Nail art : China glaze Crackle glaze Broken hearted
Must have : yeahhhh!!! I love it!!                                
My opinion : OMG!!! This is the best polish from 2011!! And it’s just started J this one is the best from the crackle glaze collection…because it’s PINK!!
both are made with artificial light

What do you think about this?? Do you have crackle glaze polish?? which one do you think is the best??

Thanks  for watching!!  Love Renate 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very cute crackle polish! Like the color combitation you made. Groetjes!

  2. Haha.. ik vind de roze heel erg tegenvallen!

  3. Crackle nagellak is echt niets voor mij haha. Ik hou er gewoon echt niet van :D
    Ik vind de combinatie van beide lakjes wel echt super :D